About us

We Help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners start – grow Businesses and reach audiences Online

  • Vision: Help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners grow Businesses and reach audiences Online.
  • Mission: Provide quality content that Helps Entrepreneurs grow Businesses & help reach Customers Online.
  • Values: Quality over Quantity; Goal Orientation; Creativity; Constant Innovation; Integrity.

About us

We believe that every Business has to have an Opportunity to reach Customers and show them what they worth. So we provide the best possible content to help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners start – grow Businesses and reach audiences through Social Media and other Marketing channels. We empower creatives to take action and build there venture faster and easier.

Our Story

Hello, my name is Rokas and I am the founder of internetuose.com. The story about all this project started back in 2016 when I quit my job and started a travel website that failed not so long after it’s launch. After that I had to decide what to do next: redesign and improve previous project and relaunch, find a job or do something. Since I knew that travel websites idea probably will not be going to work and I didn’t want to have a regular job I decided to give freelancing a go. So Internetuose was born and I used Internetuose as a brand name to find customers and advertise my marketing services. Later on, I thought that I have to create a way to find customers more sustainably and blog idea came to mind. As I started to develop that idea and it changed about a million times since I first thought about it. So what you see now is many years of marketing and business experience build in one place. All my career I was helping entrepreneurs grow businesses and reach audiences online, so it became internetuose.com vision. Hope you will enjoy. All the best, Rokas.


  • 10 October 2018 After a lot of work and planning Internetuose.com with the best business and marketing tips is available for everyone. We launched at 2018.10.10 at 10:10
  • 25 October 2017 Idea of Internetuose.com blog was born. Started to develop the idea of the blog where I would share business and marketing tips to attract more customers for my freelancing work.
  • 08 August 2016 Freelance digital marketing manager. Internetuose brand created to advertise freelancing services.