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  • Vision: Help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners start – grow Businesses and reach audiences Online.
  • Mission: Provide quality content that Helps Entrepreneurs start – grow Businesses & help reach Customers Online.
  • Values: Quality over Quantity; Goal Orientation; Creativity; Constant Innovation; Integrity.


I believe that every Business, Blogger, Influencer and etc. has to have an Opportunity to reach Customers and show them what they are worth. So I provide the best possible content to help and inspire Entrepreneurs and Business Owners start – grow Businesses and reach audiences through Social Media and other Marketing channels. I what to empower and inspire creatives to take action and build there venture faster and easier.


Hi, my name is Rokas and I am the founder of internetuose.com

internetuose-founder-rokasI build my first website when I was 12 years old, it was a personal blog and now when I remember it, it puts a smile on my face. 

Time has past and I build many more blogs, websites, e-shops in many niches. I even tried on building a travel startup and this is when a story about internetuose.com started.

Let me tell you that story:

Early Thursday morning and I am going to work. I sit in the crowded bus with people who are going to work, I look around and don’t see any of them smiling. I ask myself in my head do I want to be where they are in the future and the answer is clear.

I don’t know where I want to go and I don’t know how, but one thing is clear something has to change because. I don’t want to be on this bus anymore.

 I grab my phone and dive online. After about a minute, I am reading happy stories about how people who quit their job succeeded a few months later. It seemed everyone that quit their jobs and went after something and succeeded in one way or another.

 I can do it too. But…

 A few days pass and I can’t stop thinking about the idea of life change. It was clear that something needs to change but I still wasn’t doing anything. I was only imagining life outside this rat race in which I am in, and the only thought was I have to break out of it.Internetuose-rokas

Rat race

If you look around we are all living in some sort of race. Everyone is running in his own hamster wheel. We all think that in a moment we will reach something and we will be the end.

Hamster wheel is this big illusion of the rat race we are all living. We are all running in our own hamster wheels and dreaming about the only thing: When this all going to end.

We plan a lot of things on how to escape this race and go out of the hamster wheel we are living. Imagining life outside this wheel motivates us to run faster and this race becomes even harder.

I was not an exception I wanted to be free and out of this crazy race and stop my hamster wheel and escape. All I wanted is to run outside a wheel in any direction. It didn’t even matter that much what is going to come next because all I wanted is to escape my hamster wheel. But like every human being, I needed a clear path of how I am going to do it and how I am going to write my success story.

I was already working on the travel website project for the wile in my spare time and already had some work done. 

So it’s started, my escape from this crazy rat race out of hamster wheel… I am doing it!

Sort of started…

Procrastination to live

Now is the time to change my life. I was excited and motivated for a moment I felt invincible. I thought that now I can do anything and be anyone I want to.

Internetuose-rokas-campingWhen I came back from work that day I started planning everything. The path that was leading out of rat race and this hamster wheel was bright and I was standing at the beginning of it.

The next day the excitement of this crazy idea of escaping this rat race faded away but I was still thinking about it. In the evening when I came back home instead of working on my plans and project I watched a movie…

It was on. Procrastination to live a life you want. Days passed this way and I was going back and forth to being lazy or planning something.

Day after day I was either being lazy, either planning something or doing the things I shouldn’t do.

Time was flying and I was in the same place, doing the same thing. Just procrastinating to live.

I know what I needed to do to escape but I wasn’t doing it. I was finding excuses every day, every moment… And I wasn’t happy at all, but I was still doing that…

Trigger just clicked

After about half a year came another day that seemed regular as all the days in the past.

I got up, drank my coffee and rushed to work. At my lunch break, I had a phone call, the phone call that led to everything that happened after and made me where I am today.

After that phone call, I was angry, angry and I was the angriest to myself because I am the one that let to that call. That day I came back home and without any plan told myself that after four weeks I am going to quit my job.

I sat down and wrote everything I need to do. I decided to quit and try to build my travel website project. I know that everything will work out somehow when I will be free.

I am doing it, I am jumping out of my hamster wheel no more procrastination, planning, and other nonsense. I was triggered!

So in 2016 after four years of work with marketing and sales I decided to quit my 9 to 5 job and try to build a travel startup that would help travelers discover undiscovered locations. I was already working on the project for the wile and already had a beta – website without some info on it. 

Adventure when I almost got killed

Four weeks past and I was out. Strait, away I started to work on that travel website full time I also was partying and traveling a lot. I was living every young man’s dream, I was working  on my project and everything was going on perfect, till…accident in Italian alps

After a few months, I went on a hiking trip with my friends to Italian Alps. Our plan was to hike from Italy to Slovenia straight through the Alps and then hitchhike 2000km. back home. After nine days in the mountains, I fall down and almost got killed and this brought me to sort of complete life change.

It very fast drained all the money that I had and the health problems there big. I was broke and broken literally.

My hand and ribs there broken, my neck was damaged and my lungs there recovering from collapse. At the same time, my bank account was draining super fast.

almost died in the mountainsI was out of the rat race and hamster wheel, I was lying on the bottom and only dreaming about coming back in that wheel.

After I came back home from Italy I had some medical problems but I still worked on the travel startup website that I was building, but… 

After tons of hours into the project, I saw flaws that with esancaly will make travel website fail. After that I had to decide what to do next: redesign and improve the project and relaunch, find a 9 to 5 job or do something. 

In the meantime, I decided to launch a personal blog without any direction. I thought it may help me decide what to do and I had tons of things I wanted to write about.

I was building my blog and at the same time thinking a lot about what to do next. 


I knew that the travel website idea probably will not be going to work and I didn’t want to have a regular 9 to 5 job at that time, so I decided to give freelancing a go. 

It basically meant that I will do the same what I was doing before but in a more independent way. 

So Internetuose was born and I used Internetuose as a brand name to find customers and advertise my marketing services on social media and other marketing channels. 

Later on, I thought that I have to create a way to find customers more sustainably and find other income sources so blog idea came to mind. As I started to develop that idea it changed about a million times since I first thought about it. 

I had a vision of what I wanted to build but when I look around I saw tons of “experts” and “entrepreneurs” that there making money from talking about making money. So I will try my best not to make this blog like that (;

What you can see now on this blog is many years of marketing and business experience build in one place. All my career I was working with marketing and sales and helping entrepreneurs grow businesses and reach audiences online, so it became internetuose.com vision. I hope you will find value in this blog and enjoy it. 

All the best, Rokas


  • 10 October 2018 After a lot of work and planning Internetuose.com with the best business and marketing tips is available for everyone. We launched at 2018.10.10 at 10:10
  • 25 October 2017 Idea of Internetuose.com blog was born. Started to develop the idea of the blog where I would share business and marketing tips to attract more customers for my freelancing work.
  • 08 August 2016 Freelance digital marketing manager. Internetuose brand created to advertise freelancing services.