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We love reading interesting and useful articles online and we try to build Internetuose that way.  We are constantly on the lookout for new contributions and submissions to be published at Internetuose.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for two types of content:

  1. Useful articles that explain things and gives value to our readers
  2. Storys of entrepreneurs or creatives about there journey to where they are now

What we publish (guidelines)

  1. Your article should be 1500 words at least. We love long well-polished content so make it outstanding and unique.
  2. Write only about what you know!
  3.  Posts must not have been published online.  Article or any parts of the article should have never been published on any blog, website or social media.
  4. We don't accept link rich articles usually, you can link 2-3 links per article. (except author box where we link to your blog and social media)
  5. Your article should not violate our vision, mission and values. Read them in About us page

If Your Post is Accepted & Published

We agree to:

  1. Post link to your article in our social media channels;
  2. Send a link to your article to our newsletter subscribers;
  3. Add author box with your photo, short description, link to your website and your social media.

You agree to:

  1. Share a link to the article on your social media channels;
  2. Share article link in the email with your email subscriber list;
  3. Reply to the comments on your article in the first week of its publication. (Later replies are optional)

Ready to submit?

Send your pitch or draft to the article to internetuose[at] Please put the submission line like this: SUBMISSION - "title of your article"

  1. Title of your article in submission line like this: SUBMISSION - "title of your article"
  2. Article or pitch text in the body of an email. (we do not open any external links or documents attached)
  3. Your bio – 120 words or less
  4. Link for your website
  5. Links for your social media profiles in brackets like here: []

What happens after your submission?

  1. We will review your submission and determine whether it’s a potential fit. If your post has been accepted, we will try to respond within 14 days of your submission.
  2. If we accept your article, we will work closely with you on things relating article style, photos and etc.
  3. After all, work is done we will set up the publication date with usually is ASAP


By submitting to you acknowledge that you accept our terms listed here and you agree to our Terms of Service,Privacy Policy and Disclaimer


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