Does the follow/unfollow method work to gain followers on social media?

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Instagram is saturated with people who constantly try to get more followers. Follow – Unfollow strategy is one of the best when trying to increase followers, but it takes tons of time, that’s why people use bots to do this work for them.

When setting up Instagram bots users target followers of similar accounts, since there are tons of people who want to be like the celebrity they target there followers.

This is why when you follow a celebrity certain accounts start to follow unfollow you.

The same goes about Twitter.

But there is some downside to using this strategy.

  • It makes people mad at you. If you are active on social media you very easily see the people that use follow -unfollow strategy and you don’t like them.
  • Instagram / Twitter or any other social media always try to catch you. You can get banned by using this strategy and lose your account
  • Your social media feeds will be messy. When you follow tons of people the social media feeds mess up and it’s sometimes frustrating to use Instagram or Twitter because it’s constantly filled up with irrelevant stuff.

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