How do I find a business partner?

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Finding a business partner is a very hard process, but you can help yourself.

  1. Try to go to business conferences – business conferences are a great place to meet like-minded entrepreneurs. You can connect with a lot of people and later talk about there values, vision and etc.
  2. Business events – it is almost the same thing as business conferences. Business events constantly take place in almost every city and you can easily find them online. Go there for some networking if you find someone you like to ask them for the meeting.
  3. Ask help from other entrepreneurs – entrepreneurs usually are well-connected people, tell them that you looking for a co-founder in a certain niche and maybe they can help you.
  4. Shout out loud – post on social media, talk with friends and tell them that you are looking for a co-founder.

Remember there isn’t one simple answer to this question, you have to do your job and tell people. You will have to do tons of networking and if you were lucky you will find a business partner.

Question was originally answered on Quora