How do you build your blogs following?

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Many many bloggers are talking about how easy is to create the following, but in general, it’s super hard. When people ask me about blogging I always try to tell them that blogging is simple and almost everyone could do it, but it’s super hard.

What do I mean by saying simple?

It’s easy to start a blog you can do it in a few easy steps and I wrote an article about that in my blog about How to Start a Blog in a few easy steps. But that part is only the beginning.

If you have created a blog next thing you need is content for that blog. You should analyze what content in your niche people value the most, you have to understand what is shared and what gets views.

There are tons of cases when blogs go viral, but you should focus on building great engaging content and try all the social media channels and other ways to boost your content reach.

There isn’t any one formula on how to build your blogs following but by a/b testing every outlet and by creating great content you should find a media outlet that performs better than others in your niche.

For that point on you should focus on repeating the same steps again and again and if you are lucky your blogs following will grow.

I know that this probably isn’t the answer you were looking for but that the through that there isn’t one correct way to the greate following on your blog and it takes a lot of time at trial and error till eventually, you will find what works for you.

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