How I earned 4.98% from Stock Market in June 2020

How I earned 4.98% from Stock Market in June 2020

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So another month passed, markets are still crazy volatile and there is still tons of uncertainty. 

I would not tell that I like how everything is going on in the stock market but still managed to close the mouth with 4.98% of profit. That’s great, but we will see what will happen next. 

So what happened last month – June 2020? 

The biggest gains came from Invitae Corp. I bought this stock two months ago and planning to hold it for the next few years but still, now it’s 95.41% up from the price I bought it two months ago.  I believe we could see 2-3x in the next 3 years from this stock so my plan is to hold on it. 

Airline business stocks

All my airline stocks skyrocketed in the beginning of the last month, it was a strange activity, I believe it’s partly from FED stepping up and the hopes of end of COVID-19 lockdown. The majority of stocks pulled back in the second part of the month but I’m still holding them long term since I bought them at a great price. I hope to sell my airline stocks till the end of the year if the price will be good for me if I don’t like the price I’m going to hold on them for longer.  

Bank business investments

Few months ago I bought Wells Fargo stock for crazy good price with the hope that in short time it will recover, but after what FED is talking and crazy amounts of “new” money around, interest rates going down I decided to close the position with 24.86% of profit and decided not to invest into the banks for now. I don’t see them as a good investment compared what is happening around now.  

My huge investment in to Haemonetics Corp.

So last month I open huge position in Haemonetics Corp. I did my research and I believe in this stock and I think that it will go to 140$ range till the end of the year or maybe even higher. Currently my position is down but still it’s long run investment. I’m so certain about this stock that I invested 29.15% of my portfolio into it – Crazy!

What are the plans for the July 2020?

This month my plans is to buy more stocks that I believe in long term. I just what to see good price for the stocks i’m interested to invest more for long term gains. My eyes are currently interested in: 

  • Intellia Therapeutics Inc. 
  • Editas Medicine Inc. 
  • Aphria Inc.
  • Tilray Inc.

In general I believe we will see another huge market drop till the end of the year, but that’s just my opinion. I recommend you to do your own research before investing, I’m amateur investor and not licided profesional so don’t look into my advice and do your own research .

You can find me and my investments on eToro investing platform – my username is @rokashello