How to Build Business Website in 2020 – Step by Step Guide

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As a business owner, you probably know that being online is essential to your success. I know how hard it could be to launch a good website, it costs a lot of money and you have to hire a web developer.

In the past ten years, I started 30+ websites on different platforms with different purposes in mind, from the simple blogs to complexed eshops and I did it myself without any coding skills. Some sites there easy to set up and they run successfully, but some made me crazy and I had to make on the different platform or use another theme.

So I decided to write this free tutorial on how to start and build a business website in just a couple of minutes without any coding skills for people that don’t have thousands of dollars to hire a web developer and want to do it themselves.

Right platform for Business Website

As I wrote before in my career I launched 30+ websites online and can tell you that causing right platform, hosting and a theme is three of the most important things when launching a website.

There is a lot of platforms to chose like Squarespace, Wix, and others, but nothing beats WordPress.

WordPress is easy to start and manage and since it’s an open source platform there are thousands of free plugins and extensions. You can customize and build any site you want without any coding skills.

WordPress currently powers about 30% of all websites in the world, so you just can imagine how flexible this platform is.

Other platforms that market themselves as easy to use have very limited customization options and when you need a change that isn’t in the options you are stuck. That’s why I recommend WordPress to everyone because it’s the only platform that allows you to scale.

So when you choose the right base for your site you have to get a hosting service that works flawlessly with WordPress platform.

You also want the hosting that will handle all the traffic to your site no matter how many visitors are coming thousand or a million.

This is why I recommend using SiteGround

Why host on SiteGround?

There is a lot of hosting companies out there but in my personal opinion, SiteGround hosting is the best hosting you can currently find.

24/7 Support Available

Support You Will Love

If you are building a business website it’s really important that everything runs smoothly and at times when you need help, you can get it instantly.

SiteGround offers 24/7 customer support line so you can call or write them any time of the day and you will get your answer or they will help you instantly.

Impressive 99.99% of UpTime

99.9% Uptime

Uptime is the time that servers worked, many other hosting services have terrible uptime and are crashing all the time.

It’s so struggling when your site goes offline and you can do nothing. You are losing traffic, customers and it’s making your day bad.

SiteGround has impressive Uptime of 99.99% and there serves there down only 20 minutes through over the last 12 months. It’s almost impossible to find hosting with better numbers than this.

Simple site setup without any coding skills

The Easiest Start

SiteGround has a simple step by step setup that doesn’t require any coding skills.

Just let me show you how simple all the process is.

The following screenshots are taken form SiteGround so you know what to do. Click on this link to start your process and follow along.

Select your SiteGround hosting plan

You have to decide what hosting plan you need from your new venture. SiteGround offers few options so it’s should be easy to choose

SiteGround Hosting plans

    • The StartUp Plan is a great plan if you are just starting out. You get a great package for the great price so it’s perfect for a small business website, the big downside is that you can run only one website on this hosting plan, so if you are planning to launch few sites chose a different plan.
    • The GrowBig Plan is perfect if you what to run multiple websites. Also, you get WordPress SuperCacher that greatly improves website speed. So if you are serious about your website speed this plan is for you.
    • The GoGeek Plan is a perfect plan for people that run larger sites or e-commerce. This plan comes with all the features of other plans plus premium backup and restore service including manual restore by the SiteGround team.

I would recommend starting with StartUp Plan or GrowBig plan. Remember if you need extra features you always can update at any time.

Chose a domain name

This step is really important, you have to reserve a domain name for your business. Domain name is website name that people would have to enter to get to your webpage. If you already have it choose that option and just write it down. If you don’t reserve it with SiteGround.

Domain name

Enter all the other required information

You already picked hosting plan and caused domain name, now it’s time to fill up all the important information.

account information

After you will fill up all the personal or business information you get to choose payment options, I recommend signing up for at least 12 month period straight away. That way you will save quite a lot of money.

Payment information

After pressing Pay Now you will be an owner of the hosting place and domain name for the time you choose. Now you will be ready to set-up WordPress on the server and start your website

Installing WordPress Step-by-Step

After perfusing your hosting log on your SiteGround customer area.

You will be asked if you want WordPress installed on your hosting, select the option and proceed.

You will be transferred to another window where you will be asked to create your website login and enter email which you will use to manage your blog. Remember to choose complexed name and password because there is a lot of hackers that want to steal your website so a good password is essential.

instaling wordpress on siteground hosting

Choose any theme that SiteGround offers, those are simple themes that will help you start in the beginning don’t worry you can change the theme at any time and we will talk about in a few moments.

And that’s it. You have working WordPress site and now all the fun starts.

Now you are ready to create your first piece of content, but before that, I would recommend customizing the site.

SiteGround provided you with the free theme but it’s really simple and doesn’t have too many options.

I would strongly recommend getting an advanced theme that would allow your website to grow and scale in the future. Advanced well-developed themes have a lot of advantages for people that don’t know anything about coding but still want a stylish and well developed website.

There is a lot of themes to choose from but not all of them are well developed. Here is the best theme that I found and strongly recommend it for anybody:\n

Divi Theme

Divi theme is the most popular premium theme for WordPress and many businesses trusts Divi theme.

What I like the most about Divi theme that it has its own front end editor Divi Builder and it’s super easy to use. You don’t need any coding skills just drag and drop all the fields you want to be on your site, it’s definitely the easiest way to build a website.

The theme is fully responsive so it will adapt to the device you are using. It also has many pre-build demo sites that can help you a lot. Just choose one and enter all the information and that’s it.

So if you are planning owing premium WordPress theme that will make your website more powerful and your life easier I would recommend Divi theme. Possibilities with this theme are endless.

You just build your Business Website

So, you just build your Website, now you just have to edit all the fields, add photos and make your site look professional, Divi frontend Builder will definitely make your life easy at this step.

If you found this step by step guide helpful or you have any questions just post them in the comment section below.

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