How to use Tailwind For Pinterest Marketing

How to use Tailwind For Pinterest Marketing

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If you read my article on how to get traffic to your website with Pinterest you probably saw that I strongly recommend using Tailwind for Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest requires constant Pining and work and doing it manually is almost impossible. Since I think that Pinterest is one of the best organic traffic sources currently online you have to use every tool that can help you.

Tailwind for Pinterest marketing is the best tool you can have, it takes less than a few hours a month to manage and the web traffic just drives from Pinterest.

When I was only starting out with Tailwind it took some time to understand every feature and how to leverage this tool to get the most out of it, so in this article, I will try to help you to understand on how to use Tailwind for Pinterest marketing.

What is Tailwind and How it works for Pinterest Marketing

Basically, Tailwind is Pinterest Marketing toolkit that helps users to automate Pinterest marketing and efficiently analyze and optimize your profile, pins, boards for the best results.

With Tailwind for Pinterest you can:

  • Schedule your Pinterest Pins
  • Automatically post at certain intervals
  • Analyze your Pinterest marketing performance
  • Helps you to distribute your Pins
  • Help you to drive traffic, leads, and sales from Pinterest
  • Analyze other boards
  • And more.

Tailwind is constantly analyzing your Pinterest account and looking on what is going on at Pinterest.

From all this data that they collect Tailwind can tell you when to pin to get the best engagement form Pinterest and do it all for you automatically. 

What is super helpful that Tailwind can generate a schedule based on certain times of the day to pin and do it for you. All you have to do is select how many times a day you would like Tailwind to pin for you.


How many pins you should pin depends on the profile and niche you are in. In my experience, in the beginning, it’s best to pin about 30 pins a day and later when you build a following dive down to 5-15 pins a day.

It’s important to pin to not only your pins but other people pins too, especially in the beginning. I recommend repining 2 to 4 pins from other blogs to 1 of yours, especially in the beginning.

And with SmartLoop feature, you can even set your pins to be repinned at certain intervals so all you have to do is set and forget it.

How to schedule Pins on Tailwind

Tailwind can help you easily schedule the Pins for the best times to post so you don’t have to spend all your time on Pinterest.

The most efficient way of scheduling the pins is to get Tailwind plugin into your browser. The Tailwind extension can help you to add as many pins as you wish to your boards.

I like to select a bunch of pins for every Pinterest board I have and then schedule them. It’s so simple just find 20 or more pins to your board and then schedule them. Repeat this process to all your boards.

After you schedule your Pins shuffle them inside Tailwind so that Tailwind wound not post to the same board twenty times in the row.

Tailwind has an excellent video tutorial about Pin scheduling so if you have any questions about scheduling you will probably find them here.

How to use Tailwind SmartLoop?

Tailwind SmartLoop feature lets you set up and forget about your personal blog pins. It takes only a couple of minutes to set up your blog pins and they run and repin automatically at best times at certain intervals.


You can see the results and optimize your pins.

It’s easy to set rules for pins so you will not break Group boards rules that you are in.

You can try Tailwind SmartLoop for 100 pins here for Free.

Also here is the video on how to Master SmartLoop:

How to use Tailwind Tribes?

Tailwind Tribes is by far my most favorite feature of Tailwind and it’s free for everyone.

You can find tribes related to your niche and join them. Tribes are full of like-minded people who post inside relevant content and you can post too.

The best part is that the majority of tribes ask you to repin one pin from tribe to pin one of your own pins.

Now I usually receive up to 20 repins from one pin posted inside the tribe and that translates to thousands of people reach which translates to traffic to my website, this repin rate happened when I started using the tactic that I will talk shortly.

For free you can join 5 Tailwind Tribes and post 30 pins inside them every month.

How to get most repins and repost on Tailwind Tribes?

You already know that you need to repin other people content to your boards so repin the right content. This strategy helped to explode my Tailwind Tribes results.

I recommend repping or scheduling the majority of your content from Tailwind Tribes that you are a member of and Group Boards that you are a member too.


I almost do not schedule any pins from Pinterest. All pins that I add to my Tailwind Scheduler comes either from Tailwind Tribes or Group Boards that I am in.

This help other bloggers see that you constantly repining their pins and as a thank you, they start to repin your pins too. This works extremely well after a few months of consistent pining.

How to get Traffic from Pinterest Group Boards with Tailwind?

As you know traffic from Pinterest Group Boards can change your blog or business completely. But Pinterest is constantly changing their algorithm to evaluate the Group Boards.

Remember don’t join group boards with poor engagement and repin rate also the boards that have fewer followers than you do.

You can analyze group boards before joining with Tailwind. Here is the video about that:

You can also set up your Tailwind SmartLoop according to the rules of Pinterest Group Board you are in. It’s super easy and it will help you automate your Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest traffic and follower results with Tailwind

Tailwind is definitely an amazing tool that helps you drive traffic to your website or blog from Pinterest.

Your results totally depend on your niche, content, and work you put in but what can you expect?

Here is infographics about the typical results of Tailwind for Pinterest members.

Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members infographic


Remember that these are typical results that you can reach. If you put down a lot of work into your Pinterest marketing and Tailwind you can definitely see a few times better results. 

Do I need Tailwind to drive traffic from Pinterest?

If you what to automate your Pinterest marketing and spend the majority of your time on your business but not on Pinterest then the simple answer is Yes.

It takes only a couple of minutes a week to set everything for the next week and you can get thousands of visitors to your blog.

Tailwind free trial

If you want to look more into Tailwind and tryout there features you can try their free trial.

You can sign up for a free Tailwind trial here!

You can use Tailwind as long as you want for free (you can schedule up to 100 pins), that includes Tailwind Tribes.

So if you what to try out Tailwind click on the button below.