What are the steps to use Pinterest for traffic on blog?

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In one sentence Pinterest one of the best sources of organic referral traffic sources for blogs and business websites.

Pinterest is a search engine platform based on pictures. It’s really popular among women but also rising in popularity among men.

If you want to succeed at Pinterest you have to optimize your posts and web pages for it. Optimization for Pinterest traffic is like SEO with a few tweaks and a special picture designed for pinning to Pinterest boards.

But let’s start from beginning how to do everything correctly and generate traffic from Pinterest in 9 simple steps.

  1. Sign up for a business account on Pinterest.
  2. Verify your website on Pinterest
  3. Set up boards relevant to your niche and keywords that you are targeting
  4. Apply for Pinterest rich pins for your website or blog.
  5. Create your Pinterest pins
  6. Follow other Pinterest users in your niche.
  7. Join Pinterest group boards.
  8. Automate consistent Pinterest Pining
  9. Join Tailwind Tribes

Pinterest requires constant Pining and work and doing it manually is almost impossible. Since I think that Pinterest is one of the best organic traffic sources currently online you have to use every tool that can help you.

Tailwind for Pinterest marketing is the best tool you can have, it takes less than a few hours a month to manage and the web traffic just drives from Pinterest.

When I was only starting out with Tailwind it took some time to understand every feature and how to leverage this tool to get the most out of it, so in this article, I will try to help you to understand on how to use Tailwind for Pinterest marketing.

What is Tailwind and How it works for Pinterest Marketing

Basically, Tailwind is Pinterest Marketing toolkit that helps users to automate Pinterest marketing and efficiently analyze and optimize your profile, pins, boards for the best results.

With Tailwind for Pinterest you can:

  • Schedule your Pinterest Pins
  • Automatically post at certain intervals
  • Analyze your Pinterest marketing performance
  • Helps you to distribute your Pins
  • Help you to drive traffic, leads, and sales from Pinterest
  • Analyze other boards
  • And more.

Tailwind is constantly analyzing your Pinterest account and looking on what is going on at Pinterest.

From all this data that they collect Tailwind can tell you when to pin to get the best engagement from Pinterest and do it all for you automatically.

What is super helpful that Tailwind can generate a schedule based on certain times of the day to pin and do it for you. All you have to do is select how many times a day you would like Tailwind to pin for you.

How many pins you should pin depends on the profile and niche you are in. In my experience, in the beginning, it’s best to pin about 30 pins a day and later when you build a following dive down to 5-15 pins a day.

It’s important to pin to not only your pins but other people pins too, especially in the beginning. I recommend repining 2 to 4 pins from other blogs to 1 of yours, especially in the beginning.

And with SmartLoop feature, you can even set your pins to be repinned at certain intervals so all you have to do is set and forget it.

If you are interested in learning on how to use Tailwind I wrote a detailed step by step article on my blog How to use Tailwind For Pinterest Marketing

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