What can I do to build a business that starts to earn money in the next 6 months?

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Starting up business demands a lot of recourses and it can cost you allot.

But you can start a business with 0 dollars.

Yes, 0 dollars! It totally depends on you how much you will need and how you are going to get it.

First, you have to understand what type of business is cheap to start.

There are thousands of opportunities for business today. You can make money selling your services or reselling goods, being social media influencer, YouTuber and etc.

And Yes, they all can make you money. Allot of money!

I personally think that the best business is the one you love doing and the one you can, later on, turn in to full-time business.

I generally recommend starting some sort of audience building online that can later help you build a passive or sustainable income.

I know it is super hard to come up with the idea you love and that can later be business this is why I recommend blogging. You can build an audience and later monetize your blog and earn passive income.

When I first was starting out my first blog the first thing that was in my mind to just build a place where I could write about my thoughts, hobbies, traveling and etc.

But later I found out that blogging is the perfect way to boost your brand reach; attract traffic for your business or even start making money online and even quit your 9-5 job.

It cool that it all depends on you. There are bloggers that earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month from there blog and they built it just by hustling.

I personally all professional career was working with sales and digital marketing I see blogging as a big opportunity not only for business but for small creatives too.

Blogging as a business has so much to offer for everyone:

  • Everyone can blog no matter who you are business or a small creative that wants to make money online
  • You can blog from where ever you want. You can sit at home and work or lay on the beach and write about your vacation and make money from it.
  • You will boost your reach. This is really important for brands and small business that what to find new customers, also for people that want to build a following online.
  • Finally making money online quitting your 9-5 job and living a life you always wanted.

I wrote a detailed step by step article about How to Start Successful Blog so if you are interested in blogging you can check it out.

To sum up:

There are tons of business opportunities, but remember starting a side hustle that will earn you money is a hard work and probably will take you tons of time and effort, so choose wisely what you want to do.

The project that you love doing has the biggest opportunity to succeed.

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