What does it mean when you see a figure like 125k on Pinterest?

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That number shows how many impressions your profile had in the last 30 days. That includes all the pins of your profile.

When it comes to Pinterest marketing views and impressions on your pins determine how many visitors you will get to your website, but that number shows all the pin impressions from your profile if you want to see your website pin impressions you should check Pinterest analytics.

There isn’t any number that is good or bad if we talk about impressions. It depends on the niche you are in and the effort you put into your marketing. It also depends a lot on the Pinterest algorithm.

More views on pins also indicate Pinterest that you pin valuable and relevant content that is useful for users. Pinterest will show more and more your pins to others and when you pin your own pins they will show up to more people and that translates to more visitors to your website.

So to conclude the more monthly views you get the better it’s for you. The amount of views is determined by tons of factors starting from the niche you are in and finish by the effort you will put into Pinterest marketing.

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