Which ones are the best skills to have to be a good salesperson and why is that?

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Skills are essential in being a good salesperson. You have to have wide variety of skills in different niches to be good at sales. You have to understand people, marketing, business and etc.

Being good at sales totally depends on you and you can learn how to be the best in sales.

Let my tell you what works for myself.

I worked in sales and marketing all my professional career and there is one thing that always helps in being a good salesman it’s providing value and earning the trust.

Let me explain:

See many salesmen try different techniques to sell stuff they are selling by not focusing on there client.

You have to understand what that client needs and how can you help that client and not focus on how you can sell to that client.

Let my give you an example:

My first job was a bicycle salesman and one day a man came to the store to buy a bike.

I talked with him for about 30 minutes and realized that I don’t have what to offer for him.

So I told him to go to our competitor and buy the bike from them. I gave him detailed advice on what he needs. He was really surprised, I didn’t try to sell a bike from our store but instead told him what he needs.

After a few days, he came back to the store and told me that he bought the bike and he is super happy with it. He also told me that he will need a bike for his wife and his two children and asked for advice…

I sold a bike for his wife and his two children and in the next few years, I sold 6 bikes for that man’s friends that he recommended going to me.

So as you see I could sold one bike to that man but he wouldn’t be happy with it.

Instead, I provided value to him and earned his trust and by that, I sold 9 bikes (:

In short:

  • Always try to provide value to your customer and search for win-win situations.
  • Try to earn the trust of your customers.
  • Don’t try to be a salesman instead try to help people.

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