Why don’t most people start businesses?

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There are positive and negative things when it comes to business. Some people accept them and others don’t.

After I finished school I know that someday I will have my own business.

I thought that the best thing to do is to study business management at university before starting my own business.

So after some time, I was at university studying business building and management.

At one of the first lectures, one of the professors asked how many of us are planning to start our own business and guess what? Only half of the audience of about 100 people raised their hand’s.

It was crazy and I was shocked, why all these people study business and are not planning of starting there own.

Later I started to ask people why they don’t want to start a business and usually, that comes down to a few simple things:

  • I am afraid of the risk in business. Majority of students know that entrepreneurs face risk every day and some people just can’t handle that feeling.
  • Understanding of business and money. Many people think that you have to have allot of money to start a business and simply think that if I don’t have money I can’t start it.
  • Simple life without any surprise. Some people simply want to have 9 to 5 job, free weekends and a steady paycheck. And don’t face a risky life of the entrepreneurs.

These there the main things why the majority of students didn’t want to start there own business.

It simple not everyone should be a businessman (:

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