Why I'm happy when I ost 8.65of my portfolio

Why I’m happy when I lost 8.65% of my portfolio – Weekly recap

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What a  heel the past week was, my portfolio lost 8.65% in the last 7 days, but I happy with this performance and let my tell you why. 

So past week was crazy all stocks went down the most since COVID-19 fall. My investments into airline business when down significantly, but they are still up on average 50%, so I’m not that concerned about that, because those investments are targeted for 2-3 years and market swings that are happening now are irrelevant to me in those stocks. 

What else I did is opened one giant position with 29% of my portfolio, I know it’s crazy but the stock and business that I invested in has huge potential to gain about 60-80% in just one year so it seems to me like a good investment. The stock name is HAE and it’s not a mainstream stock, the business behind the stock is Haemonetics Corp. 

Haemonetics Corp Stock

It is an American-based provider of blood and plasma supplies. Haemonetics’ products are available in Asia, the Americas and Europe, with offices located in over 15 countries. Company market its products in over 50 countries. Revenue is derived nearly equally from its three major markets — Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Anasist estimate that stock will go up significantly in the next year. The low estimate of is 125$ and the high estimate is 175$, my average stock open is at 96$ so that’s a potential investment of 30-82% in the next year and I believe it could be even more, but that only my opinion. 

In general past week was down, but I’m still in profit this month 5.05% we will see what this week will bring, but in general I expect stocks to fall even more and make more great investment opportunities. 

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Please do your own research before investing into stocks, I’m not a licensed trader and that only my unprofessional opinion that should not be used in investment decisions.